Modern Retro Home: Tips and Inspiration for Creating Great Mid-Century Styles

Hardie Grant - Modern retro home is your key to unlocking the secrets behind a thoroughly contemporary home that takes inspiration from the past. Organized into chapters according to each room of your house, and other classic decades of design, 70s, Jason Grant takes us inside homes that embrace aesthetics from the 60s, and walks us through why the styling of each room works.

. No matter the size of their budget or living space, or whether their belongings are sourced from eBay or high-end vintage stores, the tips in this book are accessible to anyone interested in creating their own modern retro home. Despite its adventure into the past, don't expect to find tired-looking rooms in this book – Jason's fresh and accessible style shines through every page in their bright, colorful photographs.

Modern Retro Home: Tips and Inspiration for Creating Great Mid-Century Styles - Hardie Grant Books.

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Mid-Century Modern: Interiors, Furniture, Design Details Conran Octopus Interiors

Conran - Conran. Never had homes been so thoroughly contemporary, with antiques and period styles entirely banished. Case studies examine beautiful present-day homes that exhibit mid-century style in an exemplary way, and suggest ideas for taking the 1950’s look—complete with collector's pieces—and mixing and matching it with elements from other eras.

The 1950’s house was a scientific triumph, designed in a laboratory and tested on inhabitants of all ages before being built for the masses. Mid-century modern explores the interior decor of this seminal decade, of course, lighting, and, flooring, surfaces, concentrating on all aspects of a home's decoration—walls, furniture.

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Making Midcentury Modern

Gibbs Smith - Yet, not all of us can live in a pedigreed midcentury home; fear not! The principles of midcentury design can be applied to the most unassuming spaces. Christopher kennedy has quickly and not-so-quietly emerged as one of the nation's freshest voices in home furnishings and interior design. The following year saw the expansion of his brand into candles, home décor, and outdoor furnishings.

. Making midcentury modern is created to help you make midcentury modern by offering one hundred foolproof tips for introducing modernist design into a contemporary home. Midcentury design has a hold on the American consciousness: from television, to commercials, to the fashion runway. Working from his studio and shop in Palm Springs, his name has become synonymous with Jet Set modern luxury and vibrant California glamour.

Making Midcentury Modern - In 2010, christopher launched his own line of modern luxury furnishings, which is sold in to-the-trade showrooms across the country. Gibbs smith. Conran. In line with forward-thinking designers of the midcentury, the principles in this book are presented in a way that feels fresh, relevant, and current. Christopher's work and products have captured the attention of such leading publications as Architectural Digest, Luxe Magazine, Dwell Magazine, Elle Décor, and The Los Angeles Times.

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Miller's Mid-Century Modern: Living with mid-century modern design

Mitchell Beazley - Every item shown is accompanied by a price code to help value and appraise your Mid-Century collection. Gibbs smith. Key pieces are placed in an historical context with coverage of innovations in design, production methods and materials. The ends with an invaluable illustrated directory of more than 175 key designers, from Alvar Aalto to Frantisek Zemek.

Miller's mid-century modern is a handsome and informative guide to this important and enduring style and is destined to become a classic work of reference on the subject. From the 'soft modernism' of scandinavian furniture to the sleek, clean lines of the lighting created by the Castiglioni brothers in Italy, Judith Miller's Mid-century Modern takes an in-depth look at the artefacts and designers that shaped one of the most exciting periods of design history.

Miller's Mid-Century Modern: Living with mid-century modern design - Extensively illustrated chapters explore the most desirable interiors, furniture, ceramics, glass, metalware and textiles of this hugely popular period. Conran.

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Mid-Century Modern at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide

Thames & Hudson Ltd - Working through the home one room at a time, the book highlights classic items of furniture and signature accessories. Conran. Anyone eager to bring mid-century chic to their own home will find this book a valuable resource. Gibbs smith. In-depth case studies demonstrate the essential elements and provide inspiration.

. The mid-twentieth century was a dynamic period in international design, including interior design, and has retained its influence on popular culture today. This handbook shows readers how to create a tailor-made home inspired by the iconic designs of this period. Colour combinations are explored to help personalise these inventive styles for the home.

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The Midcentury Kitchen: America's Favorite Room, from Workspace to Dreamscape, 1940s-1970s

Countryman Press - Counter heights were standardized, appliances were designed in fashionable colors, and convenience foods took over families’ plates. With archival photographs, and movie stills, magazine pages, advertisements, The Midcentury Kitchen captures the spirit of an era―and a room―where anything seemed possible.

Gibbs smith. Sarah archer, in this delightful romp through a simpler time, shows us how the prosperity of the 1950s kicked off the technological and design ideals of today’s kitchen. A refreshing retro-kitchen history" ―florence Fabricant, The New York Times Nearly everyone alive today has experienced cozy, welcoming kitchens packed with conveniences that we now take for granted.

The Midcentury Kitchen: America's Favorite Room, from Workspace to Dreamscape, 1940s-1970s - More than 100 color photographs and illustrations Conran. During the optimistic consumerism of midcentury America when families were ready to put their newfound prosperity on display, companies from General Electric to Pyrex to Betty Crocker were there to usher them into a new era. In fact, while contemporary appliances might look a little different and work a little better than those of the 1950s, the midcentury kitchen has yet to be improved upon.

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Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors

Gibbs Smith - It features the exceptional interiors of eight houses, discusses successes and challenges, and shows how to live stylishly. They are the authors of atomic ranch: design Ideas for Stylish Ranch Homes and live in Portland, Oregon, in a 1952 brick ranch. Tips are shared on color, flooring, furniture arrangements, window coverings, and how off-the-shelf components can be turned into custom features.

Conran. Writer michelle gringeri-brown and photographer Jim Brown publish the quarterly magazine Atomic Ranch, which features ranch homes built all across America. The homeowners’ stories explain why these rooms work, and provide you with resources and ideas for everything from garage doors to the art on the wall.

Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors - Atomic ranch midcentury interiors showcases the virtues of the popular and ubiquitous ranch houses that sprang up across the country following World War II. Gibbs smith.

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The Midcentury Modern Landscape

Gibbs Smith - The midcentury modern landscape is a fresh guide for those seeking bold approaches to redefine their outdoor space, or wishing to learn more about the history of mid century modern aesthetics. The midcentury modern landscape explores the origins of midcentury modern garden design for the home, creating gardens that were for living, revealing how designers at the time blurred the divisions between indoors and outdoors, a style that went on to inspire contemporary gardens around the world.

Conran. Well-known as the author of a number of best-selling books on practical gardening, De Montfort University, she holds a Master of Philosophy from the faculty of Fine Art, design and landscape history, England. Ethne clarke is an award-winning journalist, former garden editor of Traditional Home, and contributing editor for House & Garden.

The Midcentury Modern Landscape - Her research has involved a close study of architectural history between the Arts and Crafts period and early Modernism, and this has been a guiding influence on the renovation of her house and garden in Colorado―a small midcentury modern ranch built in 1958. Gibbs smith.

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Eames Basic Art Series 2.0

TASCHEN 2724466636662 - Eames. Gibbs smith. Conran. Though best known for their furniture, the husband and wife team were also forerunners in architecture, photography, textile design, and film. The eameses’ work defined a new, exemplary for its integration of craft and design, multifunctional modernity, as well as for the use of modern materials, notably plywood and plastics.

The eames lounge chair wood, designed with molded plywood technology, became a defining furniture piece of the 20th century, while the couple’s contribution to the Case Study Houses project not only made inventive use of industrial materials but also developed an adaptable floor plan of multipurpose spaces which would become a hallmark of postwar modern architecture.

Eames Basic Art Series 2.0 - From the couple’s earliest furniture experiments to their seminal short film Powers of Ten, this book covers all the aspects of the illustrious Eames repertoire and its revolutionary impact on middle-class American living. The creative duo charles eames 1907–1978 and Ray Kaiser Eames 1912–1988 transformed the visual character of America.

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A Place to Call Home: Tradition, Style, and Memory in the New American House

Rizzoli - In each of them, schafer has created a dialogue between past and present, a personalized world that people can inhabit gracefully, in sync with their own notions of home. Opening with memories of the childhood homes and experiences that have shaped Schafer’s own history, A Place to Call Home gives the reader the sense that for Schafer, architecture is not just a career but a way of life, a calling.

Essentially, schafer believes a house is truly successful when the people who live there consider it home. Gibbs smith. He describes how the many varied houses of his youth were informed as much by their style as by their sense of place, and how these experiences of home informed his idea of classicism as a set of values that he applies to many different kinds of architecture in places as varied as the ones he grew up in.

A Place to Call Home: Tradition, Style, and Memory in the New American House - He guides the reader through each of the design decisions, sharing anecdotes about the process and fascinating historical background and contextual influences of the settings. Eames. Schafer also delves into what he refers to as “the spaces in between, ” those often overlooked spaces like closets, mudrooms, and laundry rooms, explaining their underappreciated value in the broader context of a home.

Ultimately, the houses featured in A Place to Call Home are more than just beautiful buildings in beautiful places. 250 lush, full color photographs of these seven houses and other never-before-seen projects, and landscape details, including exterior, interior, invite readers into Schafer’s world of comfortable classicism.

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Atomic Ranch: Design Ideas for Stylish Ranch Homes

Gibbs Smith - Atomic ranch reveals: hallmarks of the ranch style inspiring original ranch homes Ranch house transformations and makeovers Preservation of mid-century neighborhoods Adding personality to a ranch home Yards and landscaping Plus, a helpful resource section and index! Conran. From updated homes with high-end italian kitchens, including before and after shots, Atomic Ranch presents twenty-five homes showcasing inspiring examples of stylish living through beautiful color photographs, and modern furniture to affordable homeowner renovations with eclectic thrift-store furnishings, design-tip sidebars, terrazzo floors, and a thorough resource index.

Gibbs smith. Mid-century ranches 1946-1970 range from the decidedly modern gable-roofed Joseph Eichler tracts in the San Francisco Bay area and butterfly wing houses in Palm Springs, Florida, to the unassuming brick or stucco L-shaped ranches and split-levels so common throughout the United States. Authors michelle gringeri-brown and jim brown, split-level, extol the virtues of the tract, founders and publishers of the popular quarterly Atomic Ranch magazine, open floor plans, rambler home and its many unique qualities: private front facades, secluded bedroom wings, walls of glass, and an easy-living lifestyle.

Atomic Ranch: Design Ideas for Stylish Ranch Homes - Atomic ranch is an in-depth exploration of post-World War II residential architecture in America. Eames.

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