Skynews Inc - Skynews, the canadian magazine of astronomy & stargazing is among the best publications for novice stargazers anywhere. Edited by popular astronomy author Terence Dickinson, columns, features, directories, each full-colour issue carries news, how-to articles and an excellent star chart.

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Kalmbach Publ Co - Includes star and planet charts, tips on telescope observing, and techniques for taking astrophotographs.

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Popular Science

Bonnier Corporation - Covering the latest developments in cars, science, aviation, communications, tools, electronics, energy, space exploration and much more. The 'what's new'" magazine of science and technology.

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Air & Space

Smithsonian - In more than 25 years of publishing, the magazine has built a reputation for excellence in part by reflecting the grand scope of the Museum, encompassing every era of aviation and space exploration. This is a magazine for all who are curious about the great aerospace achievements of the past century and flight's exciting future.

Your order includes an Air and Space Associate membership in the Smithsonian Institution. Air & space magazine covers the magic of flight and the mystery of space. From burt rutan's futuristic designs and what's next for Mars to why the U-2 spy plane still flies, come and meet the people and celebrate the stories with us.

Air & Space - Member benefits include this magazine and more. It's published by the smithsonian institution, so we can take you behind the scenes to explore the history, whose National Air and Space Museum is the single most popular museum in the world, culture, and technology of flight in a way that no one else can.

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Smithsonian - Membership benefits include your subscription to Smithsonian magazine, dining discounts when you visit the Smithsonian, a personalized membership card, and more. With your order, you become a National Associate Member of the Smithsonian. It is edited for modern, well-rounded individuals with diverse, general interests.

This magazine chronicles the arts, environment, sciences and popular culture of the times.

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Scientific American

Scientific American - Every month government leaders, global health, financial markets, investors, c-suite executives, students and informed citizens from all professions depend on Scientific American for reporting on advances that impact the economy and careers, and the environment. Scientific american subscriptions include 12 print and 12 digital issues Tablet Edition for iPad, downloadable PDFs, and browser based access to gated content on ScientificAmerican.

Com. Since 1845, scientific american has been educating and delighting readers with in-depth coverage on a broad range of scientific topics.

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National Geographic

National Geographic Partners LLC - National geographic, chronicles exploration and adventure, the flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society, as well as changes that impact life on Earth. Editorial coverage encompasses people and places of the world, with an emphasis on human involvement in a changing universe. Major topics include culture, geography, nature, ecology, science and technology.

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Science News

Soc for Science & the Public - Subscribing members receive 26 issues of award-winning content in print and digital, have premier online access, and also support the Society s mission. Science news, offers concise, published by the nonprofit Society for Science & the Public, comprehensive coverage of the latest in science.

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Getting Started: Long Exposure Astrophotography

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - And the descriptions of atmospheric phenomenon affecting imagingwon't end there, but lead you to experiments in which you can observeand understand. This astrophotography book is a primer and a fully-formed, practical guide for entering the world of long exposureastrophotography. From the quality of equipment that you canpurchase to the ready availability of software and meteorologicalinformation, it's a photographer's dream in many ways.

From charts, purchasing guides, walkthroughs anddetailed descriptions, images, this Getting Started title is an in-depth resource for today's astrophotographer at any level of their discipline. Encouragingly, there is more than ever in many ways. Withacademic flare and his signature approachability, Hall utilizes a suiteof formats to provide readers with everything they need to begin - anddevelop.

Getting Started: Long Exposure Astrophotography - Leading up to an incredibly useful list of the first twenty-five objects anastrophotographer might image with long exposures, this Getting Started title also offers a range of equipment advice and grounded descriptions of why certain phenomenon occur - as well as what they will mean foryou and your shoots.

From purchasing your first astrophotography telescope, taking long exposure images, and finally processing thatfinished image, hooking up yourcamera, this book is rich with provisions and tips. A road map is essential when pursuing a rich experience imaging and cataloguing the night sky. Let thisunprecedented scenario work for you, whether you're looking to take your first photos or enhance your development as a long-exposure cosmiccurator.

From start to finish, taking you from entrance toexpertise in the rewarding field of astrophotography - with a focus onthe long exposure element that makes for such memorable, Allan Hall's Getting Started: Long Exposure Astrophotography book is your comprehensive resource, lifelong pieces of photography.

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